Design is communication. Make it work.

How are you feeling today about your communication design? Are you comfortable with its consistency, clarity, and effectiveness? Or maybe you think you could do more with it. Maybe you could start a process, for example, to look deeply into the entire series of things you put onto paper and use to communicate your company’s strengths to the rest of the world. Is it clean? Sophisticated? Modern? Professional?

Or could you use, perhaps, a bit of consultation to get it more… as we say, ‘up to speed.’

Are you ready to get started on a branding or rebranding project with Design Kompany? We work best with people who have been in business for 5 years or more, and are open to a process in which we can talk, quite deeply and intimately, about the reasons why you do the work you do and why you feel it matters. And more. Identity design… so, yeah. It goes there. Process oriented clients also are a good fit: architects, software developers, designers of other things, fashion, even culinary arts—restauranteurs and other discerning clients with sophisticated aesthetic tastes that veer towards the modern… that’s who we want to meet.


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