Content Creation

Do you need some help with creating text and images for your company’s marketing? We can help with a select set of these if you are interested in working with us to first clarify your brand identity. This is a program of DK’s that has been useful for small-medium-sized business owners with at least five years of experience. The idea is to first refine, and then make, assets for your graphics library to use as you like to tell your brand’s story to the world.

Clearly.  Accurately. Honestly. And with some of the style that makes sense for you, given the process, we will go through to discover, together, to find out what fits best. You may be surprised. But: trust the process.

We love publishing and producing content. To satisfy that urge to learn, discover, and share in polished pieces what we personally find curious and interesting, we made a weekly e-mag S P A C E. This started in Battambang Cambodia with the issue ‘Here Comes the Dance,’ a work of creative nonfiction by DK’s Dipika Kohli on a real life walkabout and field report based on the people whom she met and the books she found (Richard Feynman biography, Tristram Shandy). These and other things informed the writing, and the works that came into shape since then were similarly co-created juxtapositions. Sometimes people share their images, words, and artworks, or join in Papers to get more deeply involved in the creative process and get editing help, along the way.

Kohli’s past work is in architecture, journalism and creative nonfiction. So the magazine usually plays with those things.

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‘The consistency and cohesiveness are what make S P A C E what it is, though: and that’s part of branding, too,’ she says. ‘Communicating in a way that builds trust. One conversation, one post, one magazine, one interpersonal exchange, at a time. Every brand’s voice is different, but this is Design Kompany’s.’