What is S P A C E?

S P A C E is a weekly e-mag. It is designed as a PDF. There are sixteen pages per issue. Stories are discovered and created in the week, and the output is the sum of the best-of learnings, conversation highlights, and new insights on how to create more room in our life to focus on what we decide, individually, is meaningful. That’s the whole idea. The past issues created in S P A C E are in our online store.


Who makes it?

S P A C E is a project led by Dipika Kohli, founder and CEO of DK.


How is it funded?

It is crowdfunded. The time and energy it takes to make the magazine is also offset by participation fees. The current project is Interactive Papers. You can find out more at this link.



What’s in it for me?

Whatever you decide. This is a conversation space. The people who show up, over time, I feel, benefit the most from the opportunity to engage and dialogue across international lines and get to know each other. Deeply, not superficially. Not for everyone, but it’s here for those who are curious, interested, and ready for the New.


Why make the magazine?

Why make S P A C E? It exists for the purpose of exploring and interconnecting items, people, objects, discoveries, and conversations. Virtually and in real life sometimes too.

S P A C E quests S P A C E, the new, and the next. It’s fun when it’s lively, it’s fun when it’s quiet, too. We get each other. It’s a place to play and discover, not necessarily be told what to do and have a ton of ads alongside it telling you what to buy so it can pay for itself. It is member-supported, exclusively, and sometimes there are donations to a crowdfunding page, too. All of this is so that we can focus on what really matters.

Questing, asking questions, looking around, being open, finding out what we don’t know yet and turning it around, angle over angle, to see if something new shows up and says, ‘Hello.’


Why are some issues in Vietnamese?

I got ‘stuck’ in Vietnam for 2 years because of the pandemic. What an opportunity to learn New Things. Thanks to collaborators and a handful of acquaintances, I also learned Vietnamese and got to practice writing and connecting through the zinemaking popup workshop, Atelier S P A C E.

S P A C E | Ho Chi Minh City, ‘Starfish’ by Van Tran / Photo: Van Tran


Free trial of S P A C E

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