Email marketing campaign design for Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Are you writing in English for an international audience? Not sure if the business English language style that you are using is going to work? We can help you with that. And we have been sending email campaigns for ten years. Don’t get lost if you’re just starting and feeling overwhelmed. We can start simply. With your brand story, messaging, and then build a campaign series that will work best for your audience, or audiences. We’ll help you identify these groups.

Understanding email marketing

What is Email marketing? Let’s start with a simple overview. You send email, maybe, in your day to day. But what if you were sending emails regularly, for work-related projects to let people who really care about what you are making learn about it, through email, first? According to Opt-In Monster, which is, admittedly, United States-centric, with its statistics, ‘Email marketing works wonders for B2C businesses; it can turn window shoppers into buyers, boost engagement, improve customer loyalty and retention, and more. is quoted as saying 59% of respondents say marketing emails influence their purchase decisions and 80% of business professionals believe that email marketing increases customer retention.’

Why email? I like it personally. I kind of use it almost exclusively, much to the chagrin of people near me who prefer WhatsApp or something for messaging. Not my thing. I like to plan, so, it’s helpful for me to use email and keep the guesswork to a minimum. But you can probably tell by this website that I’m a little bit old school, and prefer simple, straightforward content-driven things rather than iffy, spiffy non-urgent things that could easily become a time-suck if they’re not organized or optimized for my attention to be given to them. You know what I mean.

Email is easy. Email is free. Maybe not everyone gets everything these days, but if someone opts in to a mailing list, that’s a pretty good indication that they’re going to at least want to know what your’e making, and keep up. Isn’t it?

EMAIL LISTS. Use the campaign’s archives to give people an indication of what you’re about, and build an email list that way, through trust, consistency, and valuable content. Emailing someone who is interested in this is a way of getting in touch directly with people who have opted-in. This is important. Do not spam anyone. Don’t buy lists. Get your own list going by building content to attract people to your site and then to join your mailing list.

This way, you have permission to send them updates about your company, including special offers or details about special events. It’s a way to connect, without having to keep personally sending messages, to hundred, or even thousands, of people. And it reminds people you are there, which is important, in an era of too much of too much to get snowed under with.

A marked change in the way that business is done in Cambodia, I feel, since the time I had arrived in 2014, has taken place in recent years, given the rapidly developing economy. Much more acceptance of using digital communications to do business instead of in-person conversations, I feel, but that may explain why things are picking up here for DK now that we can use email to start conversations, like we did in Seattle and other places before. I like this.

Cambodia is exciting to be back in and start DK up again for real in, and we want to find the right group of people to work with now, making strong communications happen and accurately, too, if English-language is required. It should be clear. It should be correct. Would you agree? I hope so.

How can you build a list of new leads? Email lists. Mailing lists are places where people can choose to keep up with you, and you can tell them what you’re doing, when it’s time to share. How to share, what to share, and when are all part of the digital marketing mix you will have developed with us, or the team you have there, and we can work together to design the right email campaign strings. There are automated sequencing tools, which you can take advantage of, and make your job lighter, but also, effective.

Many tools are free. We can recommend the right options for you, when we get started, with your branding and brand strategy for the digital transformation for your company. The benefits and features of this include:

. Get more possible customers
. Retain your existing clients, using email marketing
. Engage your possible new customers with the range of tools available
. Save time
. Save effort
. Email is free
. You can use this to qualify your leads for prospects
. It’s easy for running promotions or sharing about a discount offer for existing clients
. Build trust with the people who already know you


How we can help you get started with email marketing

What can Design Kompany do for you? Skilled in writing for business trade publications for several years prior to founding Design Kompany, we’re ready to work with you to create the right mix of graphics and content writing (English-language) or help your team develop compelling materials to use to build your own campaigns, in-house. We can train your staff, too, with enough notice to procure our partner organization’s help for Khmer and even Japanese language exchanges.

These are some things we can do, tangibly:

. Brand identity design and strategy
. Goalsetting and digital marketing planning
. Designing content: creating a landing page and producing the right artwork
. Set up email marketing planning & scheduling
. Set up Mailchimp
. Training for you to manage and monitor your campaigns, as well as
. Identify promising potential leads

Does this sound like it could be helpful? Great.

Let’s start a conversation.