More mileage: the work that a branding package can do for your marketing

Put simply, branding makes everything faster and easier. Because you know what you’re doing, you know who you make what you make for, and you are super clear about your ‘why.’

Because that’s what a branding package is going to be doing for you; it’s not a ‘design’, it’s a conversation. In which you’ll come way very clear about your core concept. A concept that you are extremely focused on, and through that focus, you can separate out all the noise and clutter and zero in on the things that Matter. Matter to you.


Branding is for first-impression marketing

Because it’s personal, and subjective, and if it’s a great branding package, that means, it’s ultra clear to everyone who just happens to notice your brand mark and go, ‘Oh. That must be ___,’ and you know what goes in that blank.

My work at Design Kompany is to help you with that part. Sitting down with you. To figure it out. And no waffling, no being smart-sounding and trying to pass off something. Actually getting to the core of it. Why you do what you do, and why others should care.

I don’t work with just anyone, and I’ll share why in a moment. But yes. What is the mileage that this branding package can deliver? So, so much.

You know. What it is. You will be doing, and what you won’t be doing. Whom you’ll meet, and whom you won’t. It comes in handy in tons of situations.


Work for the clients you get to pick and choose

Soon, naturally, it happens. This: you notice that you are talking to only the people you want to be talking to. You discover that when you are sitting in a room with new people, you know immediately who will be the one that will be most fun for you to connect with. Meaningfully.

Branding helps you clarify, first to yourself, then to others, the message to exude through clear, consistent, cohesive communication. We will get to it. We’ll discover and converse. Deeply, not superficially. Because it takes that kind of effort. To do it right. What do I mean by ‘right?’ Let me spell it out, the way that feels ‘right’ to me. It’s when you find out something that you want to engage with deeply, because it’s coming from the place where you feel is most honest, most genuine and most precious to you because it. Means. Something.

It means something. Let’s underline that. It means something.

You get more mileage out of your design and branding if it actually means something. More work with less effort expended, if you just take the time to explore very deeply what it is you do, why, and for whom yo’d most enjoy working because isn’t it at the end of the day attracting exactly those people to your company to work with? With, not for. With. For something as big and personal as branding, for me, it’s always a collaboration and I choose very, very carefully if it’s a fit, for me, when I’m meeting possible clientele to work… with.


Get really clear about your ‘what’ and ‘why’

The way I see it is this. In an era of over saturation, and ‘I’m toooooo busy’ jazz, which, really, does that mean you’re not good at managing your time, or prioritizing, or… something? I don’t know. Maybe you really do have three jobs and five kids and you have to take care of ailing parents, in which case, you don’t have time to talk about branding or even work, right? Okay. Cool. But if you do, if you’re really trying, and you want to attract the clients that you love, instead of just whomever comes and pays you, then pay attention here. Because branding can help you. A lot, I mean, really. It will filter so, so much for you. It’s hard to think about what actually is important. But DK can help you. Because that’s my thing, that I do. For people who, for example, read to the end of long ‘walls of text.’ I noticed. Thanks.