May 2022. Every week I make the e-mag S P A C E, and every month, we make time to talk together on a synched call with no more than four people at a time.

Through these dialogues, I’ve gotten to know what people really want to talk about and what’s bothering them. sometimes it’s about learning how to pronounce English correctly, sometimes it’s about how to make time to reflect deeply about who it is they really are, and other times, it’s about just making a go at living a creative life honestly. Without the naysayers barging in to knock everything over, all the time trying to rain all over your parade. Those people. You know who I mean. Here’s how to cope with them, and focus on what matters (you).

Anthony Tran

Lesson 1: Be in the know about things to say ‘no’ to

Does this sound familiar to you? Sometimes when you get to a place where you are aware that saying ‘no’ or just not informing that narcissist in your life about something that matters to you deeply is the best way to go for your sanity and to protect its well-being? Yeah. I read this post and felt that way all over again. Here it is.

Questions for discussion: What does this call up for you? What do you know now that you didn’t know before? How much did you intuit before you realized it was a problem to include the narcissist in events and feel like they were ‘supposed’ to be part of them? Were you able to leave? How did you do it, if yes.




The purpose of this page is to add notes and lessons learned from the conversations in S P A C E. S P A C E is a mini-magazine and monthly call that links us, in small circles of no more than four at a time. Since DK loves to design things, we made guides for each particular set of questions. This one is about how to cope with narcissists. I’ll be updating it as I go, weekly. How do you get involved in the voice call occasions? For that you’ll need to be a six-months-or-more member of S P A C E. The details about that are at the link below. (Memberships, proceeds from workshops, and crowdfunding support these efforts).

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