A. Spaice is publishing a weekly magazine, with the help of co-creators in Northern Europe and Southeast Asia. S P C is conceived and art directed by DK’s Dipika Kohli, whose back-and-forth style of conversing led to three 12-set collections: ‘A Philosophy of the Moment,’ ‘The Book of New Things,’ and ‘In the Vernacular.’ All of the co-creators are listed at this page. The first 36 issues of S P C were made in this way, from winter 2018 through summer 2019.

Next is a more invite-only, conversational collaboration that we will bring into shape for our Autumn 2019 collection, ‘Trust the Process.’ If you’d like to get involved, get in touch through the form below or on social media. We’re especially interested in creating with people who are members of our online community. To become part of it, subscribe to our e-mag through our crowdfunding page.


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