Conversation Salon in virtual S P A C E | ‘A Change of Perspective’

Update: The next online opportunity to join in on the conversation salon ‘A Change of Perspective’ will be on June 4. Register for a ticket at this link.


This week, in S P A C E, I’m hosting a conversation salon. It’s a voice call over zoom, and I’ve invited many people from my international network which has a concentration cluster in Seattle, another in Raleigh-Durham, and yet a third in Phnom Penh. Let me see if I can get up to four of us together in one salon, to talk, to talk together, and to see what we might find out.

That’s S P A C E, the conversation salon’s intention. The conversation topic is intentionally left open, as per Open Space Technology ideas to invite only those who are interested in the topic to come and talk together about it. This week’s theme is: ‘A Change of Perspective.’

Salons. Here is why I do these.

I think that somewhere out there, there are still some of us who prefer meeting and connecting outside of the social media circles that connect us but we never see each other. Ever. In some cases, people are pretending to be someone else. That’s very unsatisfying if you want to make the kind of space that I love, where we show up, discover, co-discover, and see what emerges as we do. This is an intention. This is an opt-in idea. You don’t have to. It’s a conversation, though, open, light, and informal. Fun.

DK likes this kind of thing. ‘Let’s play’ is our tag. It’s a conversation that takes us to where we don’t know yet, but are adventuring together. This is really neat when it happens and I’m going to give it a whirl, again. Instead of real life salons, I’ll try these virtual ones now, for a time. If people are opting in, that is; otherwise, it’ll be me and my old school already-know-me-and-we-know-each-other, as it has been these last four years. I don’t mind that, but I’m not a clique person. I prefer including, inviting, and trying new things.

Us, meeting, and knowing and understanding intuitively that with these engagements, exchanges, and chance encounters (this is less chance, as it’s me inviting you and you opting-in, instead of like sitting next to each other on a train or something), that we can learn from each other, we can learn together.

Discovery and co-discovery, someone said once. I like this idea: co-discovery.


Design by Boss

Co-Discovery and the art of informality

That’s how things work well, for DK, after all. All the clients at Design Kompany had a chance to take part in the ethos of ‘Let’s Play’, in some form or fashion, to varying degrees of success at using that platform to arrive at the most important thing: an ‘a-ha.’

When the penny drops, magic happens. That’s the point of it, exactly.


How you can join ‘A Change of Perspective’

S P A C E | ‘A Change of Perspective’ will be held in a virtual conversation salon on a Zoom voice-only call. Here is a link to register:

The net event will be held on 4 June.

Ticket info is at this link:



S P A C E is a weekly e-mag

More about the project to research, write, converse, interview, and gather perspectives in a weekly e-mag, at this link:


If you like, you can also read the PDFs that will be created this summer for the zine, S P A C E | Summer 2024, ‘A Change of Perspective.’ It’s outlined on the crowdfunding page for #spacethezine.

See you in S P A CE.


Flashback to ’16N’

There was a time I was doing this more earnestly, in real life, at a time before covid. Was great. Nice to remember it.

Designing 16N