Low-key and conversational. Our theme for N CPH is NEARNESS.



‘N’ Copenhagen: NEARNESS

FIVE PEOPLE, at the time of this writing, have said ‘yes’ for ‘N’ in Copenhagen. For NEARNESS, our framing questions are: What is close? How does it affect me? A start point, anyway. So many stories to share about this journey, which is still in progress, of course.

PATHS. Nonlinearity and complementarity, for example. Could talk about those. could share about the feelings of discovering about dark matters, about uncertainty in compositions, about the -7 C weather that made me glad I had kept all those wool sweaters… dress in layers… from back in the day, ages ago it seems now, in Seattle. Or I could talk about how I found the five of us.

Guess that’s a kind of story?

  • __, from the breakfast table.
  • __, from the internet.
  • __, also from the internet.
  • __, from the science lectures.
  • __, also from the lectures day, but in a different section.

PERHAPS I COULD share about ticket that traveled to Germany, and then back to Denmark? It was its own kind of journey. I could tell you about the first person who said ‘yes’ and took me up on this idea, when it was still a fledgling thing, because, ‘N’? WTF is N?

And it is the story of writing this down that must be shared, more openly, as was clarified in the Bangkok and London experiences. People are ready to try new things, yes they are. But I don’t have to invite 110 people for 16 to say yes, if I can be more clear about what this is for. The why of it, that is. Not the what, that’s impossible to say. Each ‘N’ is an expression of uncertainty, as part of a series of etudes into this topic. Art of Not Knowing, I was thinking, would be a book that might get written through this process. But maybe it’ll be something else.

Maybe it’ll be Art of Real Life.

In the just two years since I was in CPH for the beginning of discovering my way towards the people who were there, who were ‘in’ on this, and who would, I hoped, be patient with me while I continued to invite new and different others to join us at an ‘N’ (which, thankfully, they have. So grateful. So amazed, humbled, by who joins these things.) And yes. There is more. But some of it is… still percolating. Even two years later. These things take time. Quality does. Quality settles where it does, when it is ready. Not before.

Tickets for ‘N’ CPH.

DESIGNING TICKETS. Out of the French book I found in Kampot (you can find a picture of that, below), I made 16 tickets for ‘N’ in CPH. Even delivered a few in person, by hand, when I was there.

There is more inviting happening, as we are making our way to Copenhagen to host ‘N’: NEARNESS. What’s close? How does it affect me?  Not quitting CPH, even if it is taking longer than many places.

Actually, to be honest, I admire that, in some ways. People taking their time, not making commitments lightly, and showing up when they say they will, at least, that was my experience so far in that great city. More is on the way to share in the way of past posts written and stories and conversation-snippets, but that is forthcoming, in small circles, slowly and over time. Learning.

In Copenhagen, and curious? Very good…

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The unexpected

Tickets for ‘N’ CPH were made from loose pages of this book.

EVEN IF, so far, we haven’t found everyone for ‘N’, we have met plenty of intriguing people and enjoyed myriad wandering conversations, which is, after all, the point. When I found the book pictured above in a dusty side village road of Cambodia, I didn’t know I would use it to make tickets for a thing in Copenhagen one day, called ‘N’. But not long after I found it, and folded it into the squares that became tickets, I was in the new cooler city, discovering the journey in real time, wondering what in the world I was doing there, but trying to enjoy it, just the same. On the way, just a matter of when, and with whom. Turning it about, a bit, ‘N’ does, doesn’t it?