update 1 April 2021


DK | Interactive Papers Project

Summer 2021

Starting starts… here

Weekly prompts on Mondays. Weekly conversations with members of your four-person circle. Circles are assigned based on inputs from applications. Geophysically distributed styles and also personalities, based on long-term conversations with DK we can guess what might make for a good ‘space’ for journaling with just a handful of others.

Over time, is when it gets very interesting. Papers started in May 2020. It is a build on the Cojournal Project, something that I started under my book publishing label, Kismuth, from an iPad and a borrowed room in northern India in Jan. 2014. I’m very proud of what we’ve done in the time sInce then to learn how to make space that encourages, and invites, new and different others to connect. Meaningfully, not trivially. It’s USD $16/week. Apply here.


DK | ‘To be continued maybe’ option-keeping option

Spring 2021

I often get people asking me to ‘keep them posted’ on things to come, ‘in the future!’

If that’s you, and you are serious, make a donation to let me know that you believe that what we are creating has value for you and you want to be apart of helping us make it happen. Invitations are now being shared through our crowdfunding project’s page, which will allow you to opt in for messages from me to share what’s ahead. If that’s interesting, then you can make a donation and we will be able to keep sharing what’s happening with you, in that instance. Cool.

Here is a link.