Creative Phnom Penh: A curated guide of experiences by DK for discerning artslovers

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DK is writing about Phnom Penh, finally.

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Creative Phnom Penh:
A definitive guide for discerning artslovers


Literary Arts

Open Book. Become a member and you’ll be able to borrow books from this modest but not insignificantly sized library. Childrens’ books especially are available in plenty. Anything that’s not in good condition, I noticed, gets lovingly repaired. This is the kind of energy the place has. Nurturing, and fostering for learning and self-guided query. Personally, we’ve had deep and beautiful conversations with the staff here, over the years. Borrowing books, all the while. There are other languages, too. Looking for a place to donate your books? This is where some of ours have found a new home.

Scholar Library. According to their website, Scholar Library is ‘a community library aiming to promote intellectual society and economy especially among young generation.’ The library encourages knowledge sharing locally and the fostering of local resources for grassroots growth. ‘Along with promoting intellectual society and the economy, the  library also promotes reading culture, sharing culture, information exchange and research.’ For more information, including ways to volunteer, see:

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