In Việt Nam

Dis & Misinformation

I want to share something I found today online that sums up my feelings of what people say they’re seeing on the news about what’s going on here in Vietnam, and what it actually feels like to be here. Plus: this is the state of the city, here in Ho Chi Minh. 

From Cuong Dang, via #hochiminhcity thread on LinkedIn. See:

‘Today is Monday August 23, 2021, first day of a complete lockdown of Ho Chi Minh city for the next 14 days. Government’s extreme effort is to hope life will resume normal by September 15. And they need our help.

‘Just mins [sic] after the announcement was made last Friday, I’ve seen misinformation being spread all over social media with photos of military tanks rolling around downtown, soldiers in uniforms and heavily armed getting ready for battles at airport and so on. ALL that you see is not true.

‘I did a bit of research and was informed these were photos of completely unrelated events [that] happened years ago and also some photos were even coming from the conflict in Myanmar earlier this year.

‘It is true that Vietnamese government is deploying thousands of troops to help with logistics, food deliveries, medical support among others. NOT getting ready for war. As you can see real photos on this post from Tuoi Tre Online.

‘Just a quick friendly reminder, ALWAYS check for sources from reliable media outlets and especially government agencies. If someone makes a questionable/alarming post on social media network with unclear source, never trust it. Spend a few minutes double checking its facts.

‘There are individuals out there taking advantage of the current situation to get more attention and views, we must always check for its legitimacy and stop spreading misinformation to avoid causing more distress for others…’