Equal to equal. Conversations that meandered, that discovered new and surprising others, in a happened-to-be-in-the-same-place way. That’s what we learned in a catching-up call with Marine Ky about how it went on Saturday at Atelier S P A C E | Paris.

She shared a few pictures, which we had posted on IG, too.

Designing S P A C E

In case you’re curious how Open Space works, this is the link to the overview for it. It’s something that, combined with almost two decades of exploring and work life in design; journalism; making it up as you go; lots of listening to people play jazz and especially free jazz; and general conversations every which-a-way with others also trying to figure out how to make good work in the ways we can where we are with what we have… Well ! There is a lot. That has informed the way these S P A C E meet ups in real life and online circles of conversations now work. In short, DK love a good jam session where people can come and improvise, discover, and learn something they might not have ever have learned, about themselves, about each other, and more than anything, about the options ‘out there’ on how to run a thing.

To be continued, next week, in our online magazine, S P A C E.

Photos: Marine Ky



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18 February 2019

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