1. I’ve been writing, and a lot (ctd)..

    Sci fi, yay. Finally! I had been wanting to get to this and get this going but not until we had that very bizarre world-changing ‘WTF” collective moment did I really experience some of what the story would want me to if I was to write bout it from life. Which is how I always write everything, so. Sci fi x real life ? And… there I was, beginning it.

    I got offline, I got on. I got off again, and so on. It worked out in some ways, to be away from things here, but its as also very difficult to have zero people I know to talk to about little things, vent and stuff. I did try to vent to someone at a party (Sat), I couldn’t believe I said yes to the invite to party but there I was, eating amazing food that was this 5-star chef’s gift to us (!!!) and enjoying myself despite the lack of interest in being around anyone, ever. Or so I say.

    I’m actually pretty social onceI get going. I don’t like starting thigns, though. I like it when it’s just easy… which is wy, I think, I prefer my existing conversation circles (except when they become dry, right?), so I have learned to not expect much now, and at the same time, while moving away from AtelieR S PA. C Ce, which was all bout inviting conversations, I’m retreating into the quieter, stiller segment, Papers. I feel good about this.

    We will see if anyone takes me up own invitation to join it, I have a handful of cool applications coming in and feel great about those. Maybe I’ll try it if there are enough people. But I am also quite ready to de-prioritize my ‘cocreating’ and get more into my own things, as per usual. Then again, I love the conversations and flows, in Rea life when they can happen… so I am on the fence, here, about where to take it, next, with my Productions. I think for now, slow and steady, not trying to Produce, just being here. Writing the thigns that are getting written or editing things I’ve already done; that’s a process, too.

    As you know.

    How about you? What’s it like where you are

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