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Design, startup culture Part 2

DK wrote about startup culture a few months ago, when we got to Ho Chi Minh City, after five months hiding out in Dalat wondering, ‘when this is going to be over.’ Well! [deleted] Then, DK decided it. We’d try to make a go of something, in HCMC.

The thinking went like this: perhaps some of us could build something new in HCMC. A big city. A lot of opportunity. Plenty of inquisitive young people. (It’s been a mixed bag, to be honest. More about that, in today’s email for members of Atelier S P A C E. Membership info is here.)

It’s inspired by something I found today…

I read today in the Vietnamese Express News this headline: ‘Startups need partnerships to participate in bigger ecosystems.’

Writes Dat Nguyen:

Vietnamese startups need to expand their partnership network with domestic and regional firms for functioning deeper in big firms’ ecosystems, industry insiders say.

Well, yes.

More in the email I’ll send today at 7AM USEST, for members of Atelier S P A C E. Membership info is at our crowdfunding page, here’s a link. Thanks.


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