Dipika Kohli is the founder and CEO of Design Kompany.

She started DK in southwest Ireland in 2001, informally, then shifted to Seattle to register the business there.

She was in newspapers, at an upstart alt-weekly in Clonakilty, Co. Cork, and at a daily in downtown Seattle. It was during her time in Ireland that she learned to fully appreciate the art of storytelling and richness of styles in which to do it. Music, too. Music is a big part of the culture and so is a good sense of humor. Seattle brought many clients in process-oriented professional services like software development and architecture, too. These influences all informed DK’s approach to client work, today, in creating opportunities for leaders and their teams to talk, to talk together, and to discover and co-discover something about one another, and, when it works well, something, too, about themselves. Currently Design Kompany operates remotely for clients in N. America, from a base in Phnom Penh.

Kohli has hosted conversations in different cities of the world in order to draw people out of their shells, or invite them to step out of their comfort zones. She has joined other people’s conversational stages, too, like this time, at TEDx, in her hometown of Raleigh.



Dipika Kohli’s personal website is: http://dipikakohli.com. You can find reviews of her work in designing conversations and other occasions for people to discover, and co-discover, their own answers to big questions about life, identities, and how we spend our time.


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