‘We design legacies’

‘We design legacies’

Dipika Kohli is the founder and CEO of Design Kompany. Here is her website.

Design Kompany is a boutique studio specialized in brand marketing. More than 300 leaders have asked us to work for them to come up with new ideas. These CEOs are well-aware of the need to find new things to try, in order to diversify products and not stagnate.

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We started consulting in innovation and design thinking, hosting workshops for groups of five to fifty.

DK is currently in Phnom Penh and serving clients in the Southeast and East Asia regions with our home-baked processes buit in house since the time we got started. Each client gave us new things to think over about how to best welcome, and invite, sharing so that we could get to a really great story. A brand that is strong, and authentic. One that people will feel something when they see. It’s not just about pixels and ‘art’. It’s about mattering.

How best to find the way to catch attention of relevant audiences in today’s market? It’s so tricky. But our classic tools are working, now, to help our new clients. To discover, discern, and clarify a strong and well-articulated brand identity.

Open-minded, ready to try new things, curious, observant, and fun? Let’s talk.

DK had focused on brand identity design for more than a decade while Stateside. That was good. We made these designs and received these wonderful testimonials.

Creative Thinking + Design for Innovation

It’s about finding out your ‘why’. And focusing your company’s work on those things that most align with the values of your leadership, and the people you attract. Design Kompany is expert in facilitating the process of diving deep to discover your ‘why’, by breaking that down into six sessions. The projects over the years with more than 100 small businesses and nonprofit organizations as well as NGOs in S.E. Asia, have given this studio the tools and experience one needs to deliver on the promise. ‘We Design Legacies.’

How? It starts with taking a metaphorical trip.

‘I see it like you go on this big trip. It’s all about getting lost, on purpose, so that you can find center,’ says Dipika Kohli, DK’s CEO. ‘Balance, belonging, and even the new direction. These things come into focus, when you suss, one step at a time.’

Where DK departs from other studios is that we are really engaged in the process of uncovering, discovering, and moving towards… something new. You don’t know what you don’t know. Going out there, looking, has been a practice for DK’s team, since the beginning.

Making space for discovery, learning, and changing as we go is a huge part of our work and our style around here.


Showing up for the story to tell itself to you is a reverse from the internet-era supposition that you have to be ‘sold’ to. But, that’s not very me. So no, not gonna do that. Memberships, client projects, workshop proceeds, and crowdfunding. Rather than products or commodification of a relationship, I prefer staying real. So participant-led and client-led programs drive the new and next. But more than all of that, Design Kompany and Atelier S P A C E teammates I work with just want to connect with people who want to connect. And I mean deeply, not superficially. Who else, I wonder, is interested in that kind of occasion. Because I feel like they’re getting fewer and farther, in between.



And this is Kohli’s talk at TEDx on the topic, ‘There’s Not That Much Time Left.’

That was in Raleigh,  North Carolina, USA, in 2012.