A Curious & Creative


international community

of writers, designers, and friends who make things

Designers, writers, and friends can count on Design Kompany to deliver a weekly e-mag, complete with the latest in what’s going on, on the ground, where the studio popup pops up.

It’s an all-in-one space, with S P A C E membership, for us to CREATE, and CONNECT. Asynchronously, and internationally.


Evie S.


‘The geometry of a space is the set of all points in that space.’


We are a unique community that’s international, curious, and ready to try new things. (No religious stuff. No agenda. No selly selly. Just: really relaxed, fun, and lighthearted connecting. Epicurean style.) and interested in things related to:

  • design
  • learning
  • personal development
  • staying curious and open
  • traveling to places outside of the marked lines
  • connection
  • conversation that matters
  • depth
  • relating meaningfully

In short, quality. As defined by DK. 

Membership costs, here’s where to sign up.