S P A C E || Kärsämäki

S L O W  M O M E N T

A photozine with creative nonfiction

Slow Moment

IN ADDITION to the popup ateliers, DK are hosting and nline series of conversations, too. It’s called ‘Slow Moment.’ Guests from timezones near and far are connecting and conversing in the threads of comments in our protected-page posts. These are the current active spaces. It’s a photography and journaling online salon-workshop. Which means, you can share pictures as well as writing, when you respond to the weekly prompts. This started in July and runs through the end of September. Pretty neat.

Alexis Jokela and DK are collaborating to make a zine that is set here in Finland. We are delighted to have made the contact and are translating the stories into English to share with a wider audience. Both Finnish and English-laguage zines will be available on 1 Sept. to buy at the link below. We’re also going to post some of these along, to those who choose the option ‘Send me print zines!’ These are a few of the ones we’ll send:

All the money from sales of zines will go direction to continue our work to host Atelier S P A C E around the world, and also to continue to design more and better S P A C E. Since 2014, S P A C E projects have been happening both online and offline, in real life events wherever DK goes.Order anything from S P A C E and you’ll be making a contribution towards the continuation of this international, roving, popup series to make: fresh hyperlocal zines, new creative nonfiction, intellectually playful conversation salons, and innovative new approaches to facilitating dialogues in S P A C E. Discover more about projects in S P A C E here.


How to pre-order S P A C E || Kärsämäki.

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Why make S P A C E? Says DK’s creative director, Dipika Kohli: ‘We’re not doing this because we really want to make money from making art. Most of us know that that’s just a very hard thing to do, if you want to make the kind of art that is about what you want it to be, not what the market wants. I think that more and more, as we watch what’s happening in the internet world, we see the skewing towards not the most high-quality, but the most attention-grabbing… headlines, clickbait, imagery. You don’t know what to look at because there’s so much out there, but what you do go to is what many other people have already viewed. Algorithms do that, right? In the last five years, I’ve noticed this thing happening, where people don’t even know the difference now between what’s good, and what’s… popular. Especially younger people. A 19yo said to me, “Well, if a lot of people like it, it must be right.” If you’re wondering why that’s such a strange idea, try going outside of the streams and looking deeply at what’s right in front of you. Notice things. See.’

The theme for this zine is Slow Moment.

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