Designing and hosting an ‘N’

Tickets for 16N in Bangkok

I have sent the first invitations today to an ‘N’ for HCMC. Used to have this page to share about updates but now you know what? It’s easier if I just tag a few posts with ‘play16n’ and search the archives here for what I’ve already written about it. ‘N!’, one of my favorite-ever installation art projects… why? Because it’s about framing ‘onceness.’

If that’s a metaphysical handful, I totally get it. We can just leave it there, at that, for now. Or you can hang out with me and some new people I am working on things with here, where I am. Metaphysics is kind of my jam, these days, and more and more, quieter and quieter, offline, without design, agenda, or even a plan for the day. I’m writing from a cafe with wifi that I came into because I got lost and needed directions (I don’t have a smartphone), so yeah, and start making the invitations for this thing because ‘N’ is so, so great when it *happens*. And *making it happen* is my particular gift.

This picture? These were the sixteen tickets for ‘N’ when I did that, in Bangkok [updated], in 2015. We had 16 that time, as we did at ‘N’ in Hanoi. But I’m trying something new, here. A series of 4. Just four people each. It’s a different style, but I guess I was influenced by social distancing, ergo, a social distancing version of ‘N’.

That’s it for now.

It’s invite-only, but you can go to this page and see how it works if you are curious.