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‘Here Comes the Dance’ // National Gallery Singapore // DK 2017

MAKING IT UP AS WE GO. DK is on the road since Sept. 2017. We are convening in very small circles. We are gathering people we have just met, people who have been introduced to us, people from social media, and people from our personal lives. We want to make a space in each installation where new and different others can find one another. And share, in person. In the very small scale way that invites us to really hear, and be heard, if we can make a time and space to show up for that. It’s not for everyone, of course, but it is for a few. And when we make it happen, we share a zine. In real life, like in this particular picture, at the National Gallery in Singapore, as a popup. And also with our online community, S P A C E.

Arriving here after reading S P A C E || Battambang? Or joining one of our real life events? Tell me more. Or, just share what you thought of the little zine-book.

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