Culture | ‘Do you understand now?’: LeBron James

In a Reuters article, NBA star LeBron James helps break it down for people into simple terms about racial inequality in ‘two Americas.’

“You will never understand the feeling of being a Black man and woman in America,” James said.

“Everyone jumps on the bandwagon of what we provide, what we bring … the way we dress, our music, our culture, our food.

“Everyone steals from what we do and then they want to act like they did it. We don’t get … anything back for what we’ve given to this country besides a slap in the face.”

So much more to explore on this topic.

S P A C E | Decolonization

I’m asking academics, writers, artists, activists, thinkers of all stripes, geophysically distributed and also socioeconomically, too, I think, to weigh in on this subject

Putting on my old reporter’s hat, this year. Amazing guests in DK’s online programs last year have inspired this new theme for our focus and study, in an invite-only project that’s about Decolonizing Education. (Finally! Someone is going ot write something that I’ve been looking to read, and pass along, to young people to read, too) A People’s History of the United States, for example, did you read that? It gets recommended often, to me, and I’m fascinated there isn’t more around.

Currently some of our team members in Papers are at work discussing deeply some of the more systemic arrangements that have led to this. Decolonization is a big theme, so far, in Winter 2020-21’s collection, S P A C E | ‘Reality & Trust.’

More on the way.

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PS Ask me about the bifurcation diagram, sometime.