‘Double Bind’ by Dipika Kohli

Double Bind by Dipika Kohli (Kismuth Books // 2018)

A CREATIVE NONFICTION serial by Dipika Kohli.

Double Bind is a new story about a set of very uniquely different women in the same family.
Each is sensing discord in how she’s picked her course in life.

There are five parts to this third-person narrative. Each is set in a different city in Malaysia. The conversations that the author had in real life over three months traveling in Malaysia from November 2017 – January 2018 all weave together to inform this work. Each of the women are discovering a sense of wishing for themselves to want to become creative, or independent, or somehow not what they are is pushing them to do a thing they know they want to do, but somehow, can’t. The ‘can’t’ part of this is the area of study, and question, as DK dives into the heart of what Asian values, history, social mores, and longstanding ideas about ‘what one ought to do’ really are, and how they are both healing, and damaging, at the same time. Double Bind (Kismuth Books // 2018), is available exclusively at this page.

Dipika Kohli is the author of The Elopement (Listen to the interview on NPR), The Dive, and Kanishka. She also wrote Breakfast in Cambodia. Dipika has written freelance pieces for J@pan Inc., a column for the Seattle Northwest Asian Weekly and for Charlotte, NC’s Saathee magazine. She’s published hundreds of features and business stories as a staff editor for a weekly in Ireland and a daily in Seattle. Double Bind is her first third-person creative nonfiction work.

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