Making S P A C E




From 2017-2022, I made a promise to myself to publish a 16-page mini-magazine every week. ‘Every week? How can you do that?’ (Well, I worked in daily newspapers, I love writing interviews up, and I type 103 words per minute). Also it’s faster and faster, the more you do it. Creativity works well when you have a process, I find. [Mondays are the days to proofread. Tuesdays, I publish. By Friday, I have an idea of a theme for the next week’s, and so it begins to get written out, InDesigned, and sorted out for a Monday read. This is my process.] This works, for me. I like getting things done, so it fits my personality.


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Why I make S P A C E

I have learned a lot from the years of working on it quite a bit from others, but also, about myself. Namely, what I care about, what I don’t care about, how I can deprogram from the Western culture that infused things that I do not agree with or hold to any longer. And I’ve found themes emerge, themes that are still showing up, and showing me, This is who you really are, today.

Which changes. ‘It’s you,’ someone said. ‘It’s you, all of this,’ someone else said, about a different set of printed out issues. I’m always surprised to hear that, but then again, why should I be? Everything I make has a touch of my personality and myself, at that point in time, in its framing. If it didn’t, it would not be ‘DK,’ it would be something else. Something that someone else has made, not me.

My way. The way I see.

The way I write, include, connect, and aim to try new things. Every step. Of the way. My favorite thing about S P A C E is that there are no ads. No companies pay me to do anything that I put in it, and there are no agendas. Nothing to do but make it, the way it wants to be made. And that’s why it grows, and shifts, too, I feel. It reflects the movement across time of someone going and exploring, but also, redefining oneself, inwardly, too. Isn’t that what art is for? To make sure to show up for ourselves, and notice what it is that’s there? I think there was something I had read that really resonated: someone talked about how ’20 years of experience’ at work might not really mean 20 years of experimenting. She said it might mean 1 year of that and 19 years of repeating. How true.

S P A C E morphs, influenced by the world around me, wherever I am at the time. I’m happy with where things are going next. And I invite people to join me, by subscribing, donating, or sharing about the effort to keep on making it. The way that works. The highlights, curated, are in the archives. S P A C E is crowdfunded. Here are these links.