A party in Phnom Penh: May 24

Meet S P A C E at our May 24 party, ‘Constallations.’

Discover what S P A C E is (a weekly mini-magazine), and how to be part of creating it.

Design Kompany’s Atelier S P A C E has popped up in Finland, Latvia, Poland, Viet Nam, and is now is in Cambodia. You can be part of the effort to write new stories and share them.

There is no agenda, no sponsor, no religious stuff, and no ‘directive.’ It is open. We see where we go when we start going. (Agile design methods and a tendency to see what might arise through conversations is why. It’s because we know that sometimes the best ideas are not going to be obvious, but if we talk together, we can see them, in the moment.)

The people who come are the right people, there is no ‘target audience, ‘ for this.

It’s one hundred percent opt in. This is why it works so well. Each and every guest will be there of their own volition. This is going to be the way we see that we are all ready to go to make something. Together. Real life is nice. We are keeping things small, however. Max 4. See ticket info below.

These last few months, it has been a series called Lands on the Moon, and has been about:

  • ‘Success’,
  • Clarity after the pandemic on what really matters,
  • Future goals
  • Which are drawn based on what we now understand to be the realities of limitations.

Maybe it was the pandemic that set us in motion on these threads, but maybe it was just coming to terms with the things that you learn when you see, by trial and error, that you can’t always have you think you can, at the start. ‘Sometimes you shoot for the stars, but you land on the moon.’

Let’s connect, listen, and maybe even co-create. There will be activities on the day and you’ll get a copy of the issue ‘Lands on the Moon.’ It’s an anthology of all the highlights of our conversations in S P A C E both virtually and at Atelier S P A C E’s weekly meetups on Mondays, through the season. See what we did. See what you can do with us, this summer.


How to RSVP for ‘Constellations’ in Phnom Penh: May 24

For the real life event, tickets are USD10. Space is limited. Advance bookings only.





A photozine issue of S P A C E. This is the cover spread. This issue features the work of S P A C E editor and publisher, Dipika Kohli





A weekly e-mag, S P A C E

Ready to start something new? Get ready to make a zine with a small set of us in S P A C E.

Work on a new piece of writing and bounce ideas off a group of people who will be there to listen, without judgment, and share ideas and perspectives, too. Or, work on something to a finishing point and see it published in a future issue of S P A C E, for you to share with colleagues and family and friends. Make the time to do the work to write the things you want. Atelier S P A C E was in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Latvia, and Finland. See shop.

Atelier S P A C E is your place to try things, make things, see them through to finished, and meet a small group of others also working on the same. Conversations are the main goal; light, non-religious, no agenda, no sales, no BS. Just: talking. For learning, co-discovery, sharing, and connection. If we’re lucky we learn something new about each other, and… ourselves. It is crowdfunded and supported by various grants, donations, and participant fees from programs.

Read even more about S P A C E.

Here’s a link.


Last updated: May 4, 2023