‘Epilogue for a Year’ by Anne Hamilton

One of the best short stories in the anthology The Mirror, (Kismuth Books’ 2014 project), is ‘Epilogue for a Year,’ by Anne Hamilton. I wish she could see this post and know what I want to say, through the sharing of it.

Through the years I’ve really enjoyed conversations that led to writings, and writings that helped me see the world in new ways, through the eyes of others. It’s the very reason I moved to Southeast Asia, not quite meaning to stay (and stay) but winding up doing so for, gosh, ten years now.

I have lost touch with so many, yet made new connections, too. I have learned and seen and traveled and discovered and lost and lived and held and cherished and let go and done. I think this is part of the learning that I would want to enfold in a reply to ‘Epilogue,’ which is what I am writing at the moment, off-thread. A little time, a little space, a little thoughtfulness, and a little bit of sadness.

This post is for those whom we’ve lost, before we got to fully know.