What is this?

Design Kompany is a design thinking + innovation consulting boutique studio, currently based in both Phnom Penh and also Ho Chi Minh City. Our areas of expertise center on one thing: helping people figure out what it is they do and why they do it. We started in Seattle in 2006.

More than 200 businesses and non-governmental organizations have hired us to create space for their teams to understand, deeply and not superficially, the core services and the value that they offer to the world. Further, DK has been asked to create workshops for personal development in partnerships with educational institutions, training organizations, and private companies, too. Here’s some of what they say.

This work has been done from our office in Seattle 2006-2009, which relocated to Phnom Penh from 2014-present. There are some more things to say, but we’ll save the details for any real life conversations if they happen, someday.

What is S P A C E?

A magazine. It’s weekly. It’s digital. It’s called S P A C E. You can check out all the issues, in our online store.

From ‘We Make Zines’ by The Public…

’Publishing today can be exclusive and inaccessable, with strict rules set in place on where, why, how, and what can be published. Most magazines are accountable to mainstream advertisers or parent publishing companies and maintain strict rules about what can and cannot be published. If you are trying to challenge social norms, or provide an alternative take on mainstream thought, zines are a great way to do it.’


DK are intrigued about how to design the space for an aesthetic moment to happen, on the spot, for unexpected and random connexion, with the people, objects, and places where they go, in S P A C E. Why? Because designing for the aesthetic moment to *happen* is a whole hell of a lot of fun to see actually work. Quality happens. This is our jam. More below under ‘What’s your ‘why’?”.

Who are you?

DK is Design Kompany.

DK was co-founded in 2006 in Seattle by Dipika Kohli and Akira Morita. Collaborators in our S P A C E mini-magazine are listed at the end of that publication’s crowdfunding page.


Are you on social media?

Yes, but not super intensely. We have a presence but you know, aren’t social that way. Best in real life, to be honest. Or in our virtual community of S P A C E.

 Here are some places you can find DK on the web:


What is ‘S P A C E?’

A weekly e-mag.

We publish this based on conversations with those who are co-creating with DK in the cloud, in real life at workshops that we put together, and in Zoom calls that happen when we feel like doing them.

S P A C E Editor Michael Bridgett Jr. explains it at SF Zine Fest


What is your aim?

Learn new things. Meet new people. See the way we can discover our selves in the world right around us. See others as part of us and not separate. Break divides. Build bridges. ;) And to do this again and again, so it’s natural. And easy. And light. And simple. Atelier S P A C E is one way to do that. S P A C E quests S P A C E. We want to quest, inquire into new questions, and find out things: together.

Is this religious?

No. Never. Not at all. In fact, the intention is to break down all kind of walls that divide us. That’s why when people ask, ‘Where are you from?’, DK usually goes, ‘I’m nationality neutral.’ Really.


Why do you have so many protected posts?

Because I was plagiarized.

[deleted] Trusted. Inner. Circles.


I want to be featured in S P A C E. How does it work?

Please do not ask me if I can write about you. I don’t do that. Even if you pay me, I don’t do that. I co-create with my teammates in S P A C E.

Here’s how it works. That is a membership-driven weekly e-mag. There is a very simple model to making it work, for those who support it. (And those who don’t are naturally filtered out.) Start your journey with us by becoming a member. You can go to our crowdfunding page and select ‘Membership in S P A C E’. Go here: http://chuffed.org/project/spacethezine

I don’t understand.



What is ’16N’?


What’s next?

See our crowdfunding page.