What is this?

We are a design studio. We also publish a magazine. It’s weekly. It’s digital. It’s called S P A C E. You can check out all the issues, in our online store.

I don’t understand.



What does DK do?

We create experiences. Real life. Online. For people to discover, and co-discover. More specifically, DK hosts real-life popup art installations, zine readings, and conversation parties in public spaces and miniature popup restaurants, too.


DK are intrigued about how to design the space for an aesthetic moment to happen, on the spot, for unexpected and random connexion, with the people, objects, and places where they go, in S P A C E. Why? Because designing for the aesthetic moment to *happen* is a whole hell of a lot of fun to see actually work. Quality happens. This is our jam. More below under ‘What’s your ‘why’?”.

Who are you?

DK is Design Kompany is Dipika Kohli.

All past team members of our Atelier S P A C E programs (Finland, Japan, Latvia, Malaysia, and Cambodia 2017-2019) are listed at the end of the Atelier S P A C E crowdfunding page.

What is ‘S P A C E?’

A weekly e-mag. We publish this based on conversations with those who are co-creating with DK in the cloud, in real life at workshops that we put together, and in Zoom calls that happen when we feel like doing them.

Michael Bridgett Jr. [right, when introduced]] explains S P A C E
at SF Zine Fest


What is your aim?

Learn new things. Meet new people. See the way we can discover our selves in the world right around us. See others as part of us and not separate. Break divides. Build bridges. ;) And to do this again and again, so it’s natural. And easy. And light. And simple. Atelier S P A C E is one way to do that. S P A C E quests S P A C E. We want to quest, inquire into new questions, and find out things: together.

Is this religious?

No. Never. Not at all. In fact, the intention is to break down all kind of walls that divide us. That’s why when people ask, ‘Where are you from?’, DK usually goes, ‘I’m nationality neutral.’ Really.

Why do you have so many protected posts?

Because I was plagiarized.

[deleted] Trusted. Inner. Circles.


I want to try! But [insert excuse]. Next time?

No, thanks. Our invitations expire. They are void after 7 days.


I want to try! What’s next?

See our upcoming ateliers listed here. Also see this page: http://designkompany.com/create-with-dk if you are in HCMC and interested in real life opportunities to work with us at Atelier S P A C E // HCMC.

What are your themes?

Design. Discovery.


What is ’16N’?



What is ‘Papers?’

Our Interactive Papers Project is a place for people who are curious about Atelier S P A C E and our collaborative writing process to try it out, and see how it works. Here is where we seed ideas, and talk together, virtually, every week. Since May 2020.


Why isn’t your stuff free?



I want to make a donation!

Cool. See Atelier S P A C E’s crowdfunding page.