I’m writing because I have to. I want to write about it. The things to come, in interactive spaces. But it’s so late, and there’s no battery, hardly, and I’m really fatigued from a lot of movement today that included buses and other things and I’m tired. Plus in one ear I am getting half a conversation that I don’t really want to be in, because I’m writing this, to you. Is this how it is? Are we all perpetually half distracted? I don’t like that. I cannot focus and I hate not being able to focus when I write. Oh, but it’s vaguely quiet now. So here I am, also kind of amped up, because, wow. Email. Came through, lots of things, in threads and pieces, disparate ones but singing in the same motion. There is something afoot, and it feels right.┬áMore in the innermost conversation spaces, for those who are opting in.

22 November 2019