How do you find focus? Reflect, consider.

FOCUS offers prompts and worksheets to help you along the way.

FOCUS paved the way for DK to design a new look, new name, and these business cards for a software developer.

THE ABOVE IS A REBRAND that we were tasked with designing in the late 2000s in Seattle. What DK did here was the basis for what we will provide in the 5-day course, FOCUS. Coming up with the worksheets that will help you walk your way towards clarity of a unifying theme, or concept. That’s what our client said about this process: ‘You guys really helped us out with finding our niche.’ The full testimonial:

‘Our new name and brand reflects how we’ve grown over the past three years from a research focused company to what we’re all about today: creating truly unique custom mobile solutions for our clients. You guys really helped us out with finding our niche.’ —Richard Stott, Matchbox Mobile, Brighton & Seattle 2008



WHO FOCUS IS FOR. Most helpful if you are:

  • a solopreneur who is just getting started or ready to tweak her business
  • considering transferring to a new line of work,
  • curious about entrepreneurship, but undecided on a concentration
  • in transition, or
  • wanting to narrow the scope of what you do.

Use FOCUS to clarify your own thinking with reflective questions that help you walk your way to insights on where you’d like to concentrate your future efforts at work. Nervous? Does this sound hard? Don’t worry. Your first go at outlining your FOCUS doesn’t have to be perfect. But starting is important. And our five-day eCourse sequence is one way to start. Discover your core strengths, and the heart of your Self Concept.

WHAT YOU GET.  A 5-day eCourse on how to focus on the work you will most enjoy, and understand just why. Written by Design Kompany’s team: Akira Morita, Jas Plac. The first time this course was introduced, it was 2011 and it was called STEER. People uprooted coasts for work, changed their life partners, and sent us bottles of wine to say ‘thank you.’ The short course that is now available is a self-guided tour to help you find your way to clarity in 5 days.

This program includes the following worksheets:

  • An Orientation: Get the worksheet Find Your Time.
  • Day 1. Personal Values check-in. It’s always a good time to re-evaluate your greatest values, which can understandably change in priority over time and with experiences that can alter a person’s core beliefs.
  • Day 2. The Four Questions. Navigating a path based on what you know by gut-feel.
  • Day 3. Discovering Self Concept. Once you know what this is, finding a focus will be much simpler.
  • Day 4. Patternfinding. A new approach to naming succinctly and potently what exact kind of work is important to you, and why.
  • Day 5. The Letters. Famous people’s advice on Finding Focus, wrapped and packaged into a useful info-worksheet.
  • Outro: Links for further reading, resources on the web to peruse when you want to revisit the FOCUS and expand towards applying it to build a personal or company brand.

Each module is designed to be complete-able within 20 minutes. Walk away with a clarified awareness of what truly matters to you, and why. People have worked with DK for 20 years to discover their self-concepts. Check out what they say at our testimonials page.

FOCUS does not require any application. Invitation is open at this time. The programme fee  is USD $75. To confirm your spot, register.


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