This is a good day.

It’s the day we publish my personal favorite of the four issues of S P A C E | Latvia. It’s called ‘Lūdzu’.

Find S P A C E | Latvia, the four-issue set of zines, at Roberts Books in Rīga. ‘The Weather Report’, ‘Sunny Side of the Street,’ ‘Drift’, ‘Lūdzu’.

Writing in the spaces

Sometimes you go to the story. Sometimes the story comes to you.

Words I had written into an article, part of a column I write for a small magazine in Charlotte, NC

Not that I wanted to become a column-writer, it just… naturally happened. I always like to write in the way that I write, (without bending to conform to someone else’s ideas of what I ought to write, I mean, a stance that will not earn you very many writing gigs, *cough*, but then again, who cares?).

Meanwhile if an editor is willing to help me make it better, cool. I’ll go with it. (HT SS.)

But what is really intriguing, to me, is that sometimes when I just write a thing, just write it, you know, without really thinking much, it turns… real. Countless examples here, but one of them is this story, this very issue of S P A C E that launches in our online store, today. I had no idea… that I would show up somewhere unexpectedly quiet and overpriced and difficult and pretentious, mostly looking to get into my head and away from the tourist throngs of Old Town, and instead, hide, so as to be able to put words down… instead, the thing that happened was… well, as I had written in another place, in another time, I found myself on a stage. Of sorts. Instead of, you know, a writing studio… A stage? Yes. A stage.

[Blinking] Er… Right.

Ergo, I wrote a play.

This issue

S P A C E | Rīga, ‘Lūdzu’

…is all space and light and airiness.

It’s based on a conversation with someone who… was challenged, and then challenged me back. Writing that down. Took some work.

Putting it onto the page took all of my six weeks’ worth of observations, caring for things related to things, and learning how to understand. At least, a little.



This issue of S P A C E is for MC.

(M, That was cool, what we made happen. I appreciate it… Paldies...

Also, I went to the Latvian National Museum of Art. You were right.

More when the things come into shape, if and how and when they can, for 2020. Maybe. Let’s see where things go.

And… I told everyone to go by and see you and ask you questions as pointed as the ones I had asked you…

You’ll be happy to know that in recent days, someone asked me very pointed questions, and… well. This time, I had to… well, this is getting all kinda long. I’ll just write you an email…