WHAT DO FUZZY LOGIC, quantum physics and Pop Art have in common?

If I submitted that idea for a talk, would people want to hear it? Late at night. A form, online. Would I send it in? I would.

VOTING. The system I was writing into was a kind of popularity contest. You had to be voted up, and tell your friends to vote for you, and all that craziness that smacks of the things I don’t really like very much (pizzazz over content, so-called style over substance, marketing over delivering a great experience, etc). But anyway. Magically, it did get voted up. Maybe because Research Triangle Park is very nerdy. ‘Fuzzy Quantum Pop’ was the result. Just 5 minutes. A lot of fun. Bit daunting, being my first time talking in my rambly, somewhat esoteric and often obtuse way, in front of so many people. They were lively, though. Receptive.

To me, the conversation is the whole thing, and if the dialogue is good, if there’s a great jam, then whatever happens is just exactly right.

(You really did have to be there to feel the feeling, but this video gives you a sort of a taste of the experience.) So much of what we are about here at DK is creating a certain space for us to explore ideas, together. No one ‘wins’ in the ‘arguments’, and we don’t have a style of debate that is so popular with so many designers (‘let me push my ideas at you.’) Rather, it’s more like a jam session. A call and response. A conversation. Even in college, steps away from the Lincoln Theater (where this talk was presented), Design Kompany’s earliest aim was to foster an open forum style. Our dialogue formats have changed since then, but we’re still at it. Still making space. Salons. Workshops. Online forums…


NEW BOOK. Next month I’m launching a new book, Nostalgia Cà Phêwhich is science fiction, and since there are parts of the new work that reminded me of the old notes for FQP, I thought I’d dig it up and share this video, today. (If you already know me pretty well, this will be not surprising at all. High school friends already know about my forays into the sphere with radius Φ. But if we’re just getting started getting acquainted, I think this video is as good an intro as any. Or the book…

New book launches 1 September 2017