Are you in transition? Are you looking to start a new chapter?

Get to know DK and the way we work with people to walk through the process of going from A to ‘I’m not sure yet.’

‘It’s the discovery phase of any creative process that can yield a lot of great insights,’ says A. Spaice, ‘before you even make a step in any direction.’ Connect directly to work with DK’s original founding team members who started this kind of consulting work together in 1994.

You’ll get to understand the value you have to offer, a value that may currently seem hard to pinpoint, but, with some conversation in a guided way that is the hallmark of the Design Kompany method, will open doors you didn’t even know were there. Here’s some of what our clients said when we last offered these kinds of services, see this page.

Let’s get started. Here’s a form. If we see the potential to work together, we’ll get back to you and arrange a first meeting to hear more about what it is you’re thinking, where you are. No obligation, no cost, just listening. That’s how great collaborations (real ones, I mean) begin.