Chapters of this book include ‘Talking Type in Phnom Penh’ and ‘Unbound from Ennui, Maybe’.



GREETINGS. Breakfast in Cambodia (Kismuth Books // 2016), written and illustrated by DK’s own Dipika Kohli, is one years old today.  To celebrate, we offer you this special coupon code, so you can get it for a deal. This is the link to use. The code expires 5 September

JP: What is Breakfast about?

DK: Hm. Well, it’s not so much about chronicling a life in Phnom Penh as it is something else. More accurately, it’s a book about coming to terms with multiple identities while being on the road, indefinitely, in south and southeast Asia.

JP: Four years, right, at the time you published it? September 2016, right?

DK: That’s right. Four.

JP: So what’s changed in the year since then? What have you been doing? Where have you gone?

DK: I’ve been wandering a lot, since then, even if it wasn’t on purpose. London, Copenhagen, Hanoi… researching the next book, which is also launching today.

JP: What’s it about?

DK: Inter-relationships between places and cities… for a long time I just focused on each as an isolated kind of study. This is Bangkok. This is London. This is Kyoto. You know? But the new story interconnects two cities: Copenhagen and Hanoi. They sure do have a lot in common, you know, if you spend a chunk of time in each, in both. I got to meet some physicists and talk to them, so there’s a lot of science fiction in this next one. I love scifi. Can we talk more about the new book another time, though? I’m really keen to give my full attention today to Breakfast.

JP: Of course. Let me write the official blurb now…

So with Breakfast, Kohli says, ‘Rather than talk about someone else’s country or what it’s like to be here, this is my first-person account of what it’s like to take the inward journey towards that major, hard question, ‘Who am I, really?’, in the context of somewhere completely different from the other places I’ve lived.’ Like yearslong stays in: Ireland; the United States; Japan; and now Cambodia. ‘Some people really could relate to this, and we started writing together in an online cojournal this year about it, The Village. Very fun.’

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1 September 2017