‘He likes duck’


’I should! But I don’t like to do things just because of shoulda. You know that.’

’I do. But I also know you like short films.’

’I do! I remember getting on a train from Chiba just to go into the city to watch the Tokyo International Film Festival. The short films, those were really… weird and interesting! Sometimes art school films are really bad, though. I know that. It’s a risk. You can’t have it all. But those kids cartoons the other day, those were fantastic. I really loved ‘Cube’ and ‘Tokri,’ those were… really good. I really cried and everything on some of these things. I did. It’s fine to get emotional watching film. Film can move us. I guess all art can, if it resonates. Now who am I talking to, here. I wonder about that, sometimes. But art making: its purpose, its definition, its boundaries… these are questions that go out the window when you just experience something… something that makes you feel something. Something noteworthy, you could say. But of course it’s subjective, based on the experiences we each have. And now I sound like a sound byte, or someone’s really bad Medium tirade, that they want to sound philosophical and beautiful and poignant, but which reads like, you know, bad copy. Bad art, and bad copy… those are there. But you can’t let the prospect of bad art get in the way of going and trying to find your way towards the unexpected. Right? I mean, right?’


’But it’s so hot out. And I’m so tired of the noises, and I just want to be alone, you know?’

’Being in the theatre, that’s how you used to be alone. Remember?’

’Wait. how do you know? Who are you, anyway?’


’Are you telling me that I should just go ahead and make myself walk over to Sorya Mall, and go see this thing?’

’Do what you want. But don’t make excuses, like it’s too hot. Hotness is part of life in Asia.’

’Yeah, that’s true.’


’You went!’

’I did!’

’How was it!’

’OMG. I’ve never seen… Well, let me just find it for you. On YouTube. Oh, here it is… Watch this.’



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