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S P A C E | Helsinki, ‘Coat Check,’ too.


S P A C E is a series of creative nonfiction works set in the places where DK wanders, in a quest for more and better S P A C E. People and places, conversations, connections, and interconnexion… More about S P A C E is here.

FINDING THE STORY. Mixing it up. Chance encounters. Interwoven conversations. Creative nonfiction, and some photography. A mix. In this short zine two-part set, S P A C E | Helsinki, discover the people, their honest and fun stories, about making new art, traveling new roads (but tentatively: leaving Finland takes courage for many, we found). And what it’s like to feel paralyzed into inaction by overthinking a thing. That’s what we found on our journeys in Helsinki, on two trips there, in summer 2018. Part of our upcoming set of new printable zines in S P A C E are the 15 January PDF release of S P A C E | Helsinki, ‘Coat Check.’ A true story of discovery, the conversations around Neurosis at Design Kompany’s wacky conversation installation, ‘16N‘, which was themed, for this city, ‘N’ Helsinki: NEUROSIS. And more: dance, jazz, and poetry–all in one night.

MIX TAPE, ‘EXIT VANTAA.’ For now, a mix tape. The mix tape is called ‘Exit Vantaa.’ Find it on Spotify here. Or check out the YouTube links, below. That’s how it is in S P A C E. Keeping an ear to the ground, walking towards the new. Seeking the opportunities, when the mood is right of course, not always. I’m not always looking for an ‘experience.’ But when I find one, hey. Let’s note it. This two-part zine set, ‘Julia Set’ and ‘Coat Check,’ kicked off my last night in Helsinki, when I went to a concert and heard the song ‘Kaksi Planeeta,’ which means, ‘Two planets,’ by Maagine. Of course I had to ask them, personally, some questions about it, and find out more, and discover things about the planets and so on because, after all, we are writing every day here in S P A C E about spacious things. I hope you like it. [Special thanks to VK for inviting me to listen to the show, and for the good conversations, both in Helsinki and Kärsämäki. Conversation… my favorite-ever kind of jam.]


Get S P A C E | Helsinki, ‘Julia Set,’ here >

E X I T   V A N T A A
elokuu 2018

S P A C E || H E L S I N K I


Kaksi Planeeta

The Lion Sleeps Tonight
 The Tokens

The Book of Love
Magnetic Fields

Killing me Softly
Roberta Flack

The Look


‘Don’t just document, Make Art’
DK x Benjamin Nwaneampeh

If Your Mother was a Hamster 
Gunslinging Bird


Fly me to the Moon
Brenda Lee

Beat It
Michael Jackson

Nyt On Lähtö

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