I’m going to be on a call shortly, in a chat, that is, with the other people who are going to pop around for the San Francisco Zine Festival‘s late-night (for their timezone) ‘bonus event’. It’s midday here in Vietnam, so that’s cool, for me, because it’s the time of the day when I’m most in the mood to be chatty. I’ve done my morning work, writing my emails and checking out what’s going on with the clients that DK has, here and there, from time to time, when we do. And, it’s lunchtime rush, so that means, waiting until things clear out and in the meantime, feeling like a conversation. Perfect.

Another hemisphere out here. I’m writing from Ho Chi Minh City. I hope to ‘see’ a few from the SF Zine Festival from our internet spaces together and enjoy the learning that comes with that thing you do when you do the thing which is, namely: showing up. The last time I was this giddy about a meeting was in New York when I went there to see M’OB and YN and also to check out a WordPress meet up. Yeah. I went to a WordPress meet up, where I met DB. And other bloggers who, like me, love words.

To the journeys!




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