The conversations are evolving.

Of gratitude & simple things

The notes and conversations from the last 12 weeks with people far and near to me, in my life, and in many past chapters, have revealed quite a bit about how we imagine our roles in the world.

Differently, separately, and uniquely. But there is so, so much in this TEDx talk by a researcher who is very famous now that I think none of the people I talked with, and there were more than 30 now, mentioned or seemed aware of. Myself, included. I am skewed to the United States upbringing that I have, in which we seem to be driven and want more all the time. But more of what? I think it’s a good conversation to start, and I will, in the next few days or weeks, in Mirror.

We are talking, we are journaling, we are emailing, and we are connecting. One designful moment at a time.