‘How much hair gel could be saved?’

I read online newspapers in Vietnam when I was there for the pandemic, in English but sometimes to also study Vietnamese. Recently I found some interesting comments on this story.

Spending an hour a day to make oneself presentable belongs in the 19th century.

anonymousgplus85 – 15:12 22/9

Maybe this pandemic has rearranged Vietnamese priorities, trading their unholy relationship with money for more meaningful relationships with family. This is a much-needed change in our society.

KimSon Ha – 13:35 22/9

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You are wrong bro, they just want to stay at home and also get pay. If the company pay no salaries for WFH, see if they will come to work or stay with family.

Derek Chen – 15:03 22/9

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@Derek Chen: Absolutely – and even more so when you think of how much Vietnamese cities could benefit from the reduced congestion, pollution, stress and even wasteful consumption (how much cosmetic products – hair gel, wax, make up) would be saved from people getting to stay home instead of having to go to the office?)