How to Deal with Difficult People

Pop psychology is trendy, and there’s lots on the internet about it. But what’s worth reading? What does it really say? How can we apply it to make our lives better, immediately? Up for discussion. Discussing it, in #projectnow. I wanted to create a set of materials for #projectnow to clarify, simplify, and share what I read and how I interpret it. Sources for ‘If x then !’, include Mindy Turner’s quite useful breakdown of how to cope with difficult people, and a snippet from Adam Brady’s post about the same topic, too.* Music is ‘Alien Dream’ by Romariaogrande . Graphic art is by Dipika Kohli. Interactive element by Boss. (*Links at the end.) 


Humans are social beings, so they get deeply tied up with lots of relationships all through their lives.

It’s natural to want to be with people who make you happy, help you grow, and bring fulfillment into your life.

But, there are sometimes difficult people who make things harder to do that for you. You try to do the things that make you feel happy around them, but, no matter how much you work at it, sometimes you just can’t do anything about running into this type of person in your life.

A difficult boss. A troubling friend. An overbearing mother. A controlling spouse.

Let’s try to break the types of difficult people down now into eight categories and see how to handle things when you have to manage yourself in their presence.

This is important. Why?

Being forced to deal with challenging relationships and difficult people and coping with these interactions can stress you out, create tension, and give you anxiety. This is bad for your mood, and, worse, you get exposed to emotional toxicity.

Toxicity is a word that gets thrown around a lot on the internet so let’s not blanket define people without first accepting that all of us, at some point, are difficult. Either to others, or with ourselves. You can see this chart as a way to better understand your own emotions and the ways you can help yourself move past hard spots, personally, along with thinking about how to handle tough people in your everyday life, too.

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