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… this sense of safety has contributed to our members sticking together (and sticking with our membership) even though we were closed or only open limited hours for the majority of this year. After a LOT of experimentation with an online membership this year, we have discovered an absolutely magical Zoom call format that is hands-down my favourite call every month for what our members walk away with every time AND for how easy it is for me to facilitate. We call them “Hive Mind Hot Seats”.

Up to 3 members can sign up ahead of time for a 25 min turn in the hot seat, where they get to pose a question or ask the rest of the group for feedback on something they’re working on or dealing with (they can bring ANYTHING to the table, work related or personal). Then I simply facilitate the rest of the group as they all chime in and provide their ideas, experience and feedback to the person in the hot seat. It’s absolutely amazing to watch. I barely say anything the whole time. I just make sure people who have raised their hand have a chance to speak, and I keep an eye on the time. That’s it. Our members do the rest. And EVERY TIME, whether they are in the hot seat themselves or not, everyone ends that call with a new perspective for something THEY are working on. Even though the people in the hot seats often ask work related q’s, very personal things do naturally come up. Ie, personal fears, doubts and inhibitions. Personal habits that aren’t working so well. Spousal challenges. And everyone rallies, offers support, holds space. NO ONE judges….

‘… gives members a sense of safety and relieves pressure… a sense of purpose. Together, a sense of belonging.

‘One thing I would love to be able to do better is address deeper challenges some members are facing, like clinical depression. Curious what other operators are doing to help members who live with these kinds of challenges on a regular day, let alone during a global pandemic. We have a couple of members who slip into deeply depressive episodes, and I feel helpless when that happens.’


What do you think about this? Should we try it for one of our zoom calls in S P A C E?


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