Living with intention: To reach your goals, know what they are, and set your plans to reach them

It’s subjective, this idea of what a ‘life well lived’ truly means. I know that not everyone believes in setting goals, and aiming for them, and trying to realize your best version of yourself. Some people are not able to make that a priority, and I understand that the day to day requirements of basic survival can take over when those needs are not met. These conversations here at DK about life and purpose are not for that set. Rather, DK’s writings, programs and services are for people who have the privilege to get to decide what they want to create from the resources at hand, that life has handed them or that they have etched out for themselves, because of opportunity and luck and the breaks you get in life sometimes. I want to clarify that.

Choosing your choices

In an article about how women hold themselves back, see: , I found this interesting quote:

“We don’t think about our personal strategies.”… Bourgeois recommends using a blueprint, where you write down your life and professional visions, assess your skills, abilities, relationships and current situation and determine what needs to happen for you to connect the dots. “Success doesn’t come because we dreamed it up or because someone is going to knight us,” says Bourgeois.

“You need to have clarity, on a granular level, about what you plan to do to reach your goals. Once you have it, you feel centered, you can make choices that align with your plan, and you are empowered.

“You don’t feel that someone else is in charge of your future. You feel that you are.”


Choosing your choices: Moving forward from ‘I don’t know what I want’

For those who are in a phase of transition, or wondering what to do next, here are some questions to consider. Is clarity important to you? Have you found it?  Maybe The Mirror can help. You can read posts about these types of topics on this site, or check out the link below to find out about the next offering, which is an 8-or 12- week workshop to help you clarify values and chart your course to reaching your goals. Learn more about The Mirror.