‘I had no time for Muße’

Over at Kismuth and in my online workshop, The Mirror, we’re talking about making time for ourselves. How to do it.

Building a habit for it is the key, I feel. Making it so naturally a part of your routines is how you can enjoy the ease that comes with falling into flow states quickly and effortlessly. I gave a couple of short workshops on ‘Flow’ to help people experience this in the course of an hour and it was really cool to see. I think the hardest part is to acknowledge that making time for ourselves to relax is somehow not being prioritized. Whether it’s internal or external, the message is: that’s not that important right now, but all this other stuff is. Work, family, obligations of other kinds, you know what I mean.

I wanted to share about Muße., I learned this German word from an old friend.

What is muße?

It is:

freie Zeit und [innere] Ruhe, um etwas zu tun, was den eigenen Interessen entspricht.

free time and [inner] peace/quiet, to do something that suits your own interests.

More to say in the upcoming prompts, for The Mirror.