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I <3 New Cuizines

Today we share an update about #NewCuizines..

I told you about it? About #newcuizines? I’ll be curating here and there some of my favorite food-related [various media pieces] and original stories from the kitchen-atelier of our studio itself. Atelier S P A C E, because. Cooking. Is happening. It has to. There are no take-aways allowed and so, um, you have to prepare things.

I’m glad I have a kitchen, to do that. I’ve made some [deleted]… but these look pretty good…

Yes, you know I am not a foodie. But I do like good food. I mean, eating it. How could I not after three years in the gastronomic paradise of West Cork, Ireland (thank you lads). Well. After all that, I am in Vietnam, one of the most brilliant places to be for food especially if you want to see how creative everything can get with texture, color, composition. Style. I’m enjoying it.


What? Why is this becoming a food blog? (It isn’t). But well, yeah–great question, because you’re right, I am not a food blogger. But, really. I. Am. In. Vietnam?

And inspired by conversations with chef-photographer Van Tran, too.

After we had made a lot of zines last year, I thought, hey!, how about New Cuizines? And voila.

Here we are.


[Aside] New tunes & influences:
Vietnamese hip hop

Sometimes I overhear cool, fun hip hop songs in Vietnamese, in the places where I used to go before everything shut. The Go Coffee place, for example, is one of my favorites, in District 3. No, they probably are not going to be all over instagram. They are low-key and subtle and just quietly good. I prefer those kinds of places, personally.

One of the songs I kind of found the other way in that ambient way of being here and curious, was this. Do you like it? I’m sort of like, ummm. But I keep hitting play, so. I’ll put it here.


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