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Innovation consulting in the Age of Anxiety: Part 1

I found this on a website all about innovation consulting that actually used ‘consultanted’ in a headline. Someone somewhere is doing the whole outsourcing a ‘writing’ gig to someone who doesn’t have native English, clearly, which is something that seems to happen a lot. But ‘consultantated’, which gets autocorrected even here, so how could that pass, hm, was quite amusing. Despite the major gaffe, I read it because innovation is something I understand now to be more aligned with what DK really is offering than just plain ol’ branding. Which anyone on the internet can do, to any budget. But the article had a nice part. About mindsets:

‘There are two kinds of mindsets : fixed or growth mentality.

  • Fixed mindset: This mindset is closed or is not flexible to changes.
  • Growth mindset – A attitude that is open to changes and new ideas.

‘Innovation consultants offer strategies that assist employees in developing the mindset of growth. This can help innovation thrive.’

Let’s talk about it.

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Things are starting to get interesting. I can’t talk about Project X, too much, yet. It’s a confidential arrangement and that means, no blogging.

It’s good to be back at ‘work’ again, here. Work relationships have to be exceptionally good, for me to pursue them, vision-wise, values-wise, and so on, because otherwise, it will sink your whole ship. A bad egg is a drain on so many resources and who has time for that? Sinking the ship is not worth it.

It is a small ship, here at DK. It is nimble, agile, and likes to try the kinds of maneuvers at times that move the whole studio to new continents, ways of thinking, and worlds. All this, in the Age of Anxiety. I wouldn’t be ‘me’ if I wasn’t constantly changing, growing, and flowing. Anyone can if they adapt a ‘growth mindset,’ which is a tough cookie if it’s not natural.

The best part about gaining cultural agility* is that it rounds out the six years of wonderful mentorship and experience in ‘doing’ that I got to explore with my clients in Seattle US, after my editorship job at the daily newspaper for architects and engineers, in that city.

*Three years in Ireland. Six years in Seattle, US. More than I can count in Research-Triangle Park, North Carolina, US. Some time in Japan, maybe two years, all in all, and now, seven years in Cambodia with almost-2 of those in Vietnam (pandemic). And so, here we are. And I’ll write the things I learned, for discerning leaders and CEOs to read about, in S P A C E.

To be continued, there. Subscribe.