Invitation to S P A C E

Meet us in the cloud
Meet us in S P A C E?…

PEOPLE COME, and people go.

Sometimes we have a ‘thing,’ like a salon or a workshop, and it’s magical and it’s once-off, and that’s by design and everything, but still. It feels… too soon to stop the conversations, and that’s why we have opened this. S P A C E. An online conversation that happens in hosted styles like you may have experienced if you ever intersected with DK (as clients, as colleagues, as freelance hires, interns, or more recently, as participants in our impromptu-style workshops and salons).

Keeping in touch. So hard to do, nowadays, in a way that’s meaningful, and authentic. I don’t want to collect you in a list of ‘contacts.’ For sometimes there is a feeling, and it might not be mutual, but I have to at least make the invitation, don’t I?, else nothing would come of this new bloom, that… we could keep talking.

That, yeah. I want to know more about you, though, not just this year, but next year, and the year after that. I don’t want to dwindle into the oblivion, or become a burden to you if when, in some years from now, we discover that we wanted to know more about each other but didn’t and couldn’t after that because… fragmentations. Enter Guy Debord and the Society of the Spectacle, et al. Enter A. Huxley and the sea of irrelevance. Enter some women writers and people who aren’t mainstream popular and put those people here, too. Because we have to dig them up and put them here, don’t we? We have to. I have to start that. This is a placeholder, anyway! Also. This. Enter the Age of Melancholy or Ennui or Anxiety or Status Anxiety or what have you. Those kinds of things are there, but they don’t have to be there, if we just have time and space to meet, in real life from time to time with new and different others. I’m gathering some of us, small steps at a time, this, around the world, in little popup playful S P A C E salons and other kinds of meetup moments, but it’s not overly public, and it’s always by invitation. Still, the idea is to get out of our boxes, get connected again, see each other. Meet. To stave the other stuff, the stuff that is the cloud over us, even though as humanity I think, and I haven’t researched this, but I think we have more technology and more ‘stuff’ than ever. Right? Still.

Where is the quality?

A salon called NARRATIVE happened here. ‘N’ Hanoi, on 27 June 2017.





SEE, if you are here, it’s because it’s 86% likely that I personally invited you to this page. So yeah. I imagine, I imagine that… it’s not so hard to believe that… it’s out of whack, all of this stuff that the overwhelm is making us… well, anyway… I’d hate to overarticulate. But I think you get the idea. You know, it’s not that bad, really, life. Living. It’s actually pretty cool. Especially when we find room for progression, complexity and richness, over time. Can happen. If we stay connected.


But not on facebook, please don’t ask me about that, I have a lot of things to say about that, about losing the quality and not noticing one another, not truly, anymore… thanks to… options.

People think they always have an option to get back in touch, don’t they?

One message away.

But… I don’t have a facebook.

I have a small, but growing, international circle of friends. Whom I talk to, online, one week at a time. Through conversations that I host, in a way, because they are led by prompts that auto-send each week. Prompts that I auto-write based on what’s going on in the forums, in the real life sections of our dramas in life, too.

It’s called S P A C E.

There is a subscription version of it, but some of it, the orientation, is free.

I invite you to meet me there, and see what you think?

Let’s see… where’s that link, again.

To the free orientation, I mean.

Ah, yes. Here.