Is Brand Message Strategy right when prospects won’t convert? A detailed review

I’m writing this for those of you who are in business for yourself, have five to fifteen employees, a decent set of experiences under your belt already, and something feels… off. Put more clearly, that something is not just ‘off’, but rather, the feeling that there’s not a full deck of cards is rooted in a fact.

Which is…

Your sales leads are not converting.

Brand messaging helps you become aware of your value to your customer

You have a product or service, and you know it’s high-quality, but somehow, the sales pitch isn’t working. Or you’re talking to the wrong people. Or you feel like going back to square one and try to find a completely different idea, because right now, somehow, the things you say to the people you are talking to just aren’t landing. Why is this, you wonder. It could be the economy. It could be timing. But, it could also be more straightforward than those things. It could be your sales pitch.

Not just the words you use, but how you are communicating, as a whole. Is it cohesive? Is it trustworthy? Do people believe you when you say something about your work? What about transparency? I’ve been reading that people these days buy from companies that have aligned values. So, it’s important now more than it was before, I feel, to know how it is that you’re showing up for them.

But also, go beyond that. Show up meaningfully, speak their language, and mean what you say: for them to know you are for real.

Be real. Be curious. Stay open. Anything is possible. 


When sales won’t happen

Plain and simple, the accounting books are telling you; you’re not making new sales. Cashflow’s become an issue you can’t not look at. So what do you about it? Because you know that if you can’t reverse this, and soon, things could end for your business.

When prospects aren’t converting, you may feel very lost. This time may seem like the worst moment ever to think about ‘marketing’, because isn’t that just overhead and all that, you may think, somewhere, internally.

Yet, you also know, somewhere else, within, that marketing is important. When sales were happening you didn’t think about that, then somewhere along the way, things wound down. Maybe there was a trend that ended, or a downturn, or something else that threw off the streak.

And, I think, that when sales are not converting, that is a great time to talk about brand messaging. You just don’t know what you don’t know, so try asking your old customers what your value was to them. I can help you do this. It may be surprisingly illuminating.


  • ‘Once we organized these traits into personas, it was as if a veil had been lifted:’ Sarah Kate Fishback of Green Plus, one of DK’s clients in Durham NC, said. Read her testimonial in full at this site’s homepage


Brand messaging design matters when you’re in a low sales period, I feel, especially. That’s because this kind of work is strategy work. Which you won’t have time for when you’re busier, with client work.

Brand message design (and this is not ‘a logo’) is a way to help you become more clear to yourself, and others, what it is you do and why it matters. Importantly: why it matters to them.


Know your value

I feel that as a business owner, you will be best advised to choose to work with people who most value what it is you do.

Because they can see it’s you that’s behind it, and there’s no shopping on price when they are ready to sign up because they know you have what they need. That it’s your company’s offer that they know already that they they want. When people know that you are for them, sales happen. When you have proven your value to them. When they see clearly that you can help them solve their problem.

If you are struggling to convert prospects, here is something to consider. Perceptions of what you think you are communicating may not be what you actually are.

While you may know your value, your potential buyer may not.





‘Value’ isn’t the same as ‘price’

If your prospective client doesn’t see the value of what you do, that person will not buy from you. Fact. Are you communicating your value effectively? Would you know, if you were or weren’t?

Perhaps you sense this in your gut already. ‘This non-conversion is a symptom of a bigger problem.’ But what that problem is, exactly, is rather hard to discern. Yet, it’s there. The confusing bit about why the dots are not connecting up: people are there who need your services, and your services are there for people to engage with. Yet, something isn’t linking them. Why?

I’ve seen people ask themselves this, people who are SME owners and talking to me, candidly, about where they are.They’ll cycle through a list of general questions, half out loud to me, but half to themselves, too. Why they tell me these things is because, I’m told, I’m good at listening and asking questions. Helping people reflect. That was true for many years as I worked on brand identity design for people to get to the places where we could say, ‘What you stand for, you said, is X, and what you say matters to you, is Y. Now, let’s design for those things, so it’s crystal clear what you are communicating…’

Ask me about it.

Brand Strategy work is where DK can pinch hit, if you need help here with this. (If you’re a SME owner, that is, and someone who is open to innovations and ready to try new things.)