‘Is your purpose just a poster on the wall?’

Michael McFall writes in a Forbes article called ‘Employees Want Purpose at Work: How to Deliver on this Priority‘:

Step 1: Define your purpose.

Company leaders can’t help their employees discover and live their purposes until they complete the hard work of introspection and identification to define their own, and their business’s. This might include clarifying your top priorities, desired outcomes and foundational values. At the same time, consider how these factors influence day-to-day operations at work. Is your purpose just a poster on the wall, or do these priorities actually impact people’s lives?



If you didn’t know this already, Design Kompany’s core service is helping people figure out the answers to massive existential questions: ‘Who am I? Why does it matter? To whom?’

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Today I am working on the issue of S P A C E, which is set to be published tomorrow. Every week, a new issue.

Its working title is ‘Notes on the Meaning of Work.’ That might be too esoteric, though. Hm.

When I find the right title, though, I’ll upload the PDF to the shop and send it to S P A C E subscribers.

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