Issue #113

This week’s issue is inspired by many, many conversations of the variety that those who know me personally know I like to go into. A kind of meander. A peer-to-peer ‘let’s just try this’ jazzy improvisational kind of moment. A flurry of them, occasionally you get those. Snowlike. You see. Even this paragraph is what it feels like, to be with us, when we get together, and talk together. In S P A C E. More of this is on the way but just for those who, well. Show up. I’m tired of trying to get people to ‘see the value’ because f it. I know the value, and that’s enough. So here we are. And here we go.

The next thing you’ll see in S P A C E will be art directed by our 2020 collaborators in S P A C E, AD, MT, and MB. And I’m working on that, today, to get set for sunset viewing at my favorite local.

A good moment.

Knowing what you want, and doing those things. Mind, it took a lifetime to learn my favorite things…

This week, I present, S P A C E | HCMC, ‘More together.’ With a cover image by HN. The words on the cover say ‘Happy New Year,’ as we’ve just seen the amazing celebrations, in a lower key than usual owing to a recent covid outbreak. Seems it’s ‘under control,’ according to the news, so out to the streets, cautiously, we may go.





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