Issue #197, S P A C E | ‘Starjaz’

Work this week in S P A C E includes a lot of reading and research.

This is one of those weeks of really going quiet. I’m glad for it. The output of all this reflection is in this week’s zine.

This week’s issue of S P A C E is ‘Starjaz.’

It is here:



See you in S P A C E

I make a new issue, every week. It’s not just me, every time. Sometimes there are others who weigh in with their ideas, stories, the occasional zoom group calls to see where we are and what’s going on in our worlds, wherever we are. The idea is to show up weekly and connect and be here to receive and share; it’s one hundred percent opt-in. The way to be a part of it is by starting a subscription. Check out the crowdfunding page, where you can set that up.

Here’s a link.