Year over year, the things we learn, and how we find new meaning with time passing | Issue #202: S P A C E | ‘Layers’

This week’s issue is in the shop.

It’s called ‘Layers.’

So far so good in the 200s series. There was ‘Pieces,’ then ‘Photozine 1999-‘, and now ‘Layers’ is ready to share, too.

Each of these is a cut-and-paste re-work of past media here in the archives of Design Kompany and my personal photography collection, too.


Originality in 2023

Printed photos are in the photozine; printed on film. Remember those days? I feel like that while I used to be the only person taking photographs all the time, carrying around my Minolta X-375 in those days to capture what I felt compelled to, then printing it out on film and stuff, is um, kind of the opposite of things now. Everyone has a phone now, and I don’t. I really don’t. I have not got a smartphone.

I don’t carry the big digital camera around with me anymore unless I want to do another photozine, for S P A C E, and it’s been forever since I did that. I remember doing ‘Visits’ because I wanted to make a day out of going around and taking photos like I used to. But it was unsatisfying. Why? It wasn’t new. And the same things are getting photographed and who cares, really, about seeing the same things again and again.


Improvising shows you the way

So, this week, I found old issues of S P A C E and cut them up and re-worked them. To make. ‘Layers’.

You can read what an art critic said about how I work, over at my personal site, under reviews, and there’s a thing there about how I reveal my process and work in layers. This is so, so true.

Hm. I think I should just do this my own way, then. Why not. Why not just keep doing it, here at DK, too. Why not, all right. After all, like one of my oldest mentors said, ‘You, more than anyone I know, are true to who you really are.’ If DK is my company and I’m the only one working here, besides the occasional hire when I need art direction help (thank you, QN), why not just make zines the way I feel like making zines. Cut. Paste. Collage. And layer.


Discovering the purpose of S P A C E by (re)making it

When I look around me, in my studio, here, finding the printouts and drafts and cutting them up, and re-visiting tons of issues (I have been making this one every week since 2017, so there’s a lot of material here), so much is popping out to me. What the theme is. What the point is.

I’m finding out it’s:


Ultimately, ‘why.’

In other words, purpose.

Now I know.

AKIHTB, hm. A little joke there. 1:0.





This week’s issue is in the shop.

Here’s a link.