Issue #59, S P C | Phnom Penh, ‘Ragged-Right Unjustified’

Good morning from DK World HQ, where the eggs are on the table, last night’s conversations are still buzzing, and this morning’s conversations lie in plain sight, just ahead.

Project Epicurus is going the way I had hoped it would, in some ways, and that feels right. People who do not know one another are, through this exchange point of DK, meeting, conversing, connecting, and importantly, engaging. We were talking about ‘art’ a lot and I wanted to focus this issue on what I heard.

For this issue, I gathered images from an online resource that allows people like me to peruse and download and ‘credit if you can, thanks!,’ and ‘do whatever you like,’ with. I wanted to see what it would be like to put them into a curated set. So that’s part of this issue. Plus, to pair these with something original of my own, I put my thoughts together about the above questions. Where do we learn, now? Whom do we connect with? How do we discover one another? 

This week’s issue is S P A C E | Phnom Penh, ‘Ragged Right Unjustified.’

Here’s a link.