Issue #91

Over the weekend I’ll be in conversations in the virtual space across four time zones, I think. To co-create next Tuesday’s issue. It’s S P A C E | San Francisco, ‘SF Zine Festival Special Edition.’ Feels neat. Showing up on the international stage with S P A C E, for the second time, is extraordinarily exciting for us.

This is our second international festival. The first one was February’s appearance, in collaboration with Nicki Duncan in Melbourne for S P A C E | Melbourne, ‘Festival of the Photocopier Special Edition.’

I love making these small books so that we can highlight and showcase voices from different and other angles. All around the world. One week at a time, in the playful way that DK has, of putting it all together. Improvisationally. Jazzy. How did S P A C E get started? In San Francisco, come to think of it. At a show. I want to share about it. That’s why this coming week’s story, ‘Soft Focus,’ by Dipika Kohli, will be about how and why we do this. Make it. S P A C E.

S P C | ‘SF Zine Festival Special Edition’

This will be published on 8 Sept.

Here’s a link.